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Pure Natural Lavender Bud Sleep Pillow - Your choice of delicate cotton hanky or pure linen styles. You will receive one pillow about 8 to 10 inches square with about 3 cups of lavender buds. Each hanky style has a unique flower style embroidered on the corner, every one is different but similar to the photo. Please refer to the photos to see examples of the various colors and styles of the embroidered flowers.  I also offer this pillow in flax linen and purple floral fabric.  You will receive one pillow of your choice.

Pretty delicate cotton or linen fabric pocket filled with my organically grown lavender buds. The lovely lady of the herb garden, lavender is renowned for its soothing fragrance.

Store this dream pillow under your regular bed pillow. When you are ready to retire, flip the pillow to release the scent. Allow the natural aroma therapy to lull you to dreamland.

Wishing you a deep,relaxing sleep.

This product contains approximately 4 cups of dried lavender buds harvested from my herb garden.

The blue hues of lavender inspire a poets voice, an artists hand and a gardeners eye...

This beloved herb abounds in my garden, its sweet, spicy, herbal aroma wafting through the air. Lavender invites the honey bees to partake of its nectar and begs to be harvested.

The inspiration for this dream pillow...Lady Lavender herself.

Organic Lavender Sleep Pillow Sweet Dreams

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