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For those who prefer a traditional powder puff, this 5 to 7 inch wide 3 inch thick version of my luxurious natural sheepskin puffs will grace the finest boudoir vanity table with elegance. Fine body powder puffs are a reminder of the glamorous days of classic Hollywood starlets, sitting at their dressing table dusting their creamy porcelain skin with silky body powder.

Note: The length of the natural wool determines the final size. Some are naturally smaller, some larger. You have the option to order the ones that are a little smaller in size if you are needing a slightly smaller puff to fit into your powder dish. Each one is different so the measurements are different on each puff. If you are looking for a smaller one, the size is about 5 inches across when measured to the tips of the wool.  The average size is 6 to 7 inches wide and those are always available - the smaller ones are very limited due to availability. The smaller puffs are made from sheepskin that has naturally thinner wool which results in a smaller size and they are not as thick as the regular size. The smaller size is between 5 and 6 inches when measuring to the tips of the wool.

I hand craft this body powder applicator to assure quality craftsmanship that will last for generations. The pure merino wool is washable in cool water and mild detergent, air dry and comb or brush to restore the fullness.

The puff can be used with a powder dish or powder shaker. I recommend my pure lavender or unscented body powder for the finest treat for your skin with the ultimate pleasure for your body. Imagine dusting your skin with your favorite powders or glitters floating along with this magnificent downy applicator that is a billowing mass of pure decadence. I offer an assortment of handle options, powder shakers and bowls, and varieties of all natural custom formulated powders which are available for purchase separately.

The gently gathered satin ribbon rosette with a faceted glass crystal knob handle adds a feminine touch to this elegant addition to your dressing table.    Many other handle options are available in my other listings.

Unlike synthetic fiber powder puffs, merino wool powder applicators are heirloom quality. If needed, you can hand launder with cool water and gentle soap, simply comb or brush to bring back the fluffy texture. Fully extended, these smaller puffs measure between 5 to 7 inches across. The longer wool results in a wider but flatter puff while the shorter wool yields a smaller diameter but thicker puff. Due to natural variations, each puff is unique and will vary in length of the nap depending on the characteristics of that particular piece of fleece.

This listing is for one powder puff, packaged in a white window box suitable for gifting.

Handmade in Pennsylvania. Each puff is unique and will vary in length of the nap depending on the characteristics of that particular piece of fleece.

Handmade Powder Puff Faceted Handle Clear

  • This listing is for one large or extra large size powder puff, packaged in a white window box suitable for gifting. Note: Dishes and shakers are available for separate purchase and are NOT included - this listing is for one powder puff as shown in the first photo.

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