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Vanity powder dish set with handmade luxury powder puff and my custom formulated handmade talc free powder is a gift that is sure to please. I offer my opulent large size handmade powder sheepskin powder puffs and talc free dusting powder in this beautiful iridescent glass open dish. These dishes are really quite beautiful, it is difficult to capture the sheen in the photographs - they have a nice depth with the shiny smooth interior with an iridescent pearly textured outside finish. The open bowl is a rounded square shape.

These charming vanity dish sets will delight the user with a classic element for your spa bath or boudoir. Exquisite elegance is captured in this 6 to 7 inch merino wool sheepskin powder puff handmade by Bonnie Bartley, Soapsmith. The natural fiber wool is fluffy and soft to pamper your skin. My luxurious powder puffs are the epitome of femininity and make a most welcome gift.



Open Powder Dish and Wool Puff