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Microwave heat therapy pad sized for all areas of the body. Classic cars cotton fabric make this the perfect choice for the baby boomer gearhead in your life. Cherry stones are known for their heat retaining properties and offer the recommended moist heat application. 

The long style wrap measures a generous 17 X 6 inches or rectangle style 12 X 10 inches which will form itself to your body provided a comforting warm treatment. The long shape of this wrap is suited for neck and shoulders, knees and backs. Other sizes and shapes of this wrap is also available in my other listings. The eco friendly filling for my pit packs are rescued from canneries, washed and dried. Just a minute or two in the microwave heats the pits ready to apply.

Muscle Car Cherry Pit Heat Pad

  • The muscle car theme is a fun bonus in this cotton fabric choice which features a nice assortment calling to mind those Saturday night downtown cruises. Cuddle up with these hot cars yourself or gift them to your friends. They make a most welcome comfort item for the well appointed guest room and are sure to be a hit at any one in need of a natural soother.

    Ideal comfort item for weekend warriors, yoga and pilates enthusiasts, aging baby boomers, Dads and grandpas. Unique, thoughtful gift idea for anyone suffering a stressful time in their lives. My long time customers have made these pit packs a top seller.

    For many decades, distillery workers in Switzerland would hang bags of cherry pits on the factory stoves. During the long work day, the pits would heat up. The workers understood the heat retaining properties of the cherry stones. They would carry them home, using them to ease the muscles in their neck, shoulders and backs after a long day at their hard labors - simply a comfort item.

    These pit wraps make unique, thoughtful items for anyone suffering a stressful time in their lives.

    After a few minutes in the microwave, your Allegheny Hearth cherry pit wrap is ready to apply providing a soothing moist heat ready for application. I like to use it as a warm cuddly on cold winter nights, a great bed warmer as well.

    Cherry pits are a premium filler for heat packs. They provide a wonderful moist heat and retain that heat longer. No inexpensive fillers like corn, rice, barley are used as these other types can attract unwanted pests and are subject to rancidity.

    While there is no added fragrance, you will notice a slight cherry fragrance from the natural fruit stones.

    Heat in the microwave or store in freezer. Great moist heat soother for aches and pains as well as a cuddly warmer for cold winter nights.

    Available in various fabrics, shapes and scents:

    Natural Just Cherry Pits

    Natural Cherry Pit and Flax Seed

    Lavender (pits, flax, natural lavender buds
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