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My handmade body powder and sheepskin powder puff presented in this mercury glass style lidded vanity jar is an elegant addition to your bath or boudoir. This silky blend glides over your body for a soothing, gentle treat. My handmade opulent merino wool powder puff with faceted crystal handle is included. These puffs are the perfect applicators for a touch of glamour recalling the charm of by gone days.The dish is a vintage style faux mercury glass vessel that measures approximately 6.5 inches in diameter and is 6 inches high.

The powder puffs are created by me, in my artisan studio located in Pennsylvania. I select the finest components. For this puff, I have chosen a sparkling crystal glass knob handle with satin ribbon rosette which serves as a perfect match to this elegant powder dish. I offer a nice selection of assorted handles to fit any occasion. You can choose a different handle version for the handle at no extra charge, just ask. If needed, these puffs can be gently laundered with cool water, allowed to air dry and brushed to return them to their fluffy fullness.

I offer this set at a lower price point with a standard style puff. You can choose at checkout which you prefer.

Mercury Glass Vanity Powder Dish and Puff