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Microwaveable cherry pit heat pad measuring 12 X 10 inches hand crafted with firemen themed fabric offers perfect moist heat for your comfort. My natural cherry stone therapy wraps have been a customer favorite for over 10 years. A few minutes in the microwave heats the natural cherry pits to provide a long lasting hot application for your body.

The generous sized heat pad is ideal for the lower back. The filling easily conforms to any joint or muscle group that needs attention: knees, elbows, hips, shoulders and neck. Cherry pits are a premium filler that is superior to rice, corn or flax packs because the pits are not prone to rancidity or pests. Eco friendly cherry pits are gathered from canneries, carefully cleaned and dried to the proper moisture content for optimum results.

The hot firefighters are a fun bonus in this cotton fabric choice which also features dalmatians, cityscapes and fire equipment. Cuddle up with these sizzling first responders yourself or gift them to your friends. They make a most welcome comfort item for the well appointed guest room and are sure to be a hit at any bachelorette party. Why not present one to your spunky Granny? Imagine the reaction from her friends at the silver sneaker workout when she pulls out this steamy heat pack adorned with seductive rescuers.

While there is no added fragrance, you will notice a slight cherry fragrance from the natural fruit stones.

Heat in the microwave or store in freezer. Great moist heat soother for aches and pains as well as a cuddly warmer for cold winter nights. Baby boomers, new Moms, weekend warriors, world class athletes, arthritis and fibro suffers will all appreciate this comfort item.

Hot Firemen Cherry Pit Heat Pad

  • Available in various fabrics and scents:

    Natural Just Cherry Pits

    Natural Cherry Pit and Flax Seed

    Lavender (pits, flax, natural lavender buds and essential oil)

    Aromatherapy (mixture of 10 herbs and essential oils including mints, eucalyptus, menthol, hops, lavender, cinnamon, clove etc. This is a strongly scented product)
    Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
    These cherry stone therapy wraps are a marvelous comfort item.

    For many decades, distillery workers in Switzerland would hang bags of cherry pits on the factory stoves. During the long work day, the pits would heat up. The workers understood the heat retaining properties of the cherry stones. They would carry them home, using them to ease the sore muscles, shoulders and backs that came from their hard labors.

    My customers have made this one of my most popular products. They make great get well gifts, a unique, thoughtful item for anyone suffering a stressful time in their lives.
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