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Elegantly hand woven Victorian style natural lavender wand with satin ribbon.

Created from my own organically grown lavender of my herb gardens high atop the glorious Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania. Harvested in late spring at the height of the season, the lavender stems are woven with thin satin ribbon to create this charming adornment for your boudoir.

Place the lavender baton in your lingerie drawer, hang it in your closet or store it in your car or gym locker. The delicate spicy herbal aroma is a desired fragrance. Cherished for centuries, Queen Victoria would order the servants to spread the freshly laundered bed linens across the blooming lavender bushes to capture the delightful fragrance.

This listing is for one wand, approximately 8 to 12 inches long. Ribbon colors vary, most are shades of purple. As the fragrance wanes, crush the top between your hands to refresh the scent. You can also add a few drops of lavender essential oil deep within the ribbon weave.

I envision the elegant Victorian parlor with young girls and ladies of the house fashioning the fresh lavender stems from their spring garden into wands to freshen the linens and closets.

Thus my inspiration!

Handmade Lavender Herbal Ribbon Wand