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Pure natural dead sea mineral mud pack treatment for your body is also suitable for facial use. Treat your skin with Dead Sea Spa mineral mud.

Highly concentrated with 29 essential minerals including magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bromide, iodine, sodium, zinc and potassium; this mud is extracted from the Dead Sea. My mud is the finest quality as it is harvested from Southern areas of the Dead Sea, where the mineral content of the waters is at its highest. I carefully choose importers who employ high standards of operation. The mud is shipped fresh and I process it by hand to improve the texture by removing some of the excess water and filter out any large pebbles.

Soapsmiths dead sea mud is a wonderful skin treatment to stimulate, revitalize, cleanse, purify and soothe the skin. To be used all over the body, prior to showering or as a facial mask. Gently spread a thin layer over the areas you would like to treat, avoiding eyes and mucous membranes, allow the mud to dry and shower off, leaving your skin feeling refreshed.

Price is for one jar as shown, the jar holds 8 fluid ounces but since mud is heavier than water the weight of the mud is closer to 12 ounces.  You choose either clear or dark jar each is adorned with raffia, a small shell and a silver tone charm of a starfish or seahorse.  NOTE:  the other items shown such as shells, coral and salts are photo props and not included in your purchase.  You are buying one decorated jar as shown in the photos.

Visit my other listings to see my full line of sea salts, dead sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, in unscented and lavender fragrance. Also in stock are Dead sea clay masks, rose clay masks, salt bars and dead sea mud.

The primordial Dead Sea churning with ancient mineral deposits inspire this mud pack treatment.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Pack Pure Natural


  • Full ingredient list: dead sea mineral mud

    Shipping charges are estimated at the highest rate. I ship USPS priority mail. I charge the actual postage fees - no handling charges. Any shipping overcharges of a dollar or more will be automatically refunded.

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