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Velvet Nights Argan and Olive Oil Facial Serum presented in a square glass 1 ox serum bottle or stunning cobalt and violet art glass vessel with teardrop applicator is a luxurious addition to your beauty regime.  I also offer the economical cobalt blue glass dropper 1 oz bottle. 

Argan and Olive Facial Serum

  • I formulated this nighttime facial serum as a natural treat for the mature face. The complete ingredient list contains only quality, natural oils each chosen for their unique assets. Since this product does not contain water, it can be safely used without preservatives. If you are searching for pure natural cosmetic products, this serum meets your needs. Argan Oil is the primary ingredient and constitutes 40% of the composition of this serum. You just need a few drops of this precious serum to revel in the benefits.

    Here is an insight as to why I selected certain ingredients and their benefits:

    Argan Oil is often called ‘liquid gold’. Argan oil is an extracted from the kernels of the Moroccan argan tree retaining the goodness with the cold press extraction method. It is rich in beneficial fatty acids including oleic, linoleic and gamma tocopherol vitamin E. Its properties make it a wonderful treat for hair, nails and skin. Argan is an effective moisturizer that gives skin a youthful glow and reduces the visibility of wrinkles. It restores elasticity and leaves skin feeling plumper and softer.

    Olive Squalane is a clear, odorless and colorless oil. Its medium spreading value and its skin identical structure the product can be universally applied as an emollient in cosmetic skin care preparations and is even suitable for clear and fragrance free products. It is botanically derived from olive oil. It has the identical chemical structure squalane sourced from shark liver with the benefit of being vegetal in origin.

    Evening Primrose Oil helps your skin replenish moisture. It's an essential fatty acid oil, rich in gamma-linoleic and gamma-linolenic acids. Also known as Vitamin F, it helps restore the moisture balance of dry skin conditions. Evening Primrose O
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