Ancient amber transparent glycerin soap is a sight to behold.  This bar replicates natures wonder of Baltic Amber resin with a warm rich golden tone with sienna brown and sparkling copper or gold accents.  This soap is simply beautiful when the water of your tub or shower highlights the clear attributes of a fine quality glycerin soap.

This fascinating soap lightly scented with amber fragrance oil. Amber is an ancient scent blend of vetiver, lavender, sandalwood, ambergis and various other essential oils and powders. This mysterious deep aroma recalls the incense of royalty and sages.

My custom blended soap is chosen for its voluminous lather that will fill your bathing experience with effervescent glory. The gentle cleansing action is formulated to easily rinse away daily grime and leave your body feeling fresh and clean.

Price is for one bar 3.5 to 4 oz

Please note, the insect on the soap is a decorative sticker on the outside of the wrapping.

Ancient Amber Glycerin Soap Golden Soap