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Soapsmiths own pure olive oil handmade soap is carefully crafted using the time honored cold process method. Classic hand crafted artisan Castile soap is a long standing tradition.

This natural vegan olive oil Castile handmade bar soap is formulated for gentleness. My Vestal Castile is a mild soap with silky smooth lather making it the perfect choice for all ages and skin types. Luxuriate in a relaxing bubble bath while gently cleansing your body with the silky smooth opulent lather of olive oil hand made soap. The characteristic bubbles of olive soap are smaller in size with a slick smooth feel rather than the profuse fluffy bubbles of my other formulas containing coconut oil. Olive soaps are renown for their ability to simply cleanse the skin without stripping too much of the beneficial natural oils that help the skin retain valuable moisture.

This soap is true Castile, the only oil used is 100% certified organic olive oil. Unscented and uncolored, creamy white to soft yellowish ivory, I hand stamp each bar with a charming butterfly.

My customers have made this a top selling soap. It has been a staple in my product line for over three decades. The single oil recipe combined with no fragrance, color or additives makes it a superior choice for those sensitive to multiple ingredients and scents, as well as anyone concerned with environmentally friendly products.

The variety of the olive oil will determine the final color hue of this soap. Some oils are light yellow, others deep amber or shades of olive green. No coloring or whitening agents are used in this natural soap so the final results vary from stark white to creamy ivory with yellow tinge.

Price is for one large bar weighing about 5.2 to 5.8 oz.

Made in Central Pennsylvania in my soap studio located in the glorious Allegheny Mountains.

Vestal Castile Pure Organic Olive Oil Soap

  • Ingredients: Certified Organic Olive Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide

    Shipping charges are estimated at the highest rate. I ship USPS priority mail. I charge the actual postage fees - no handling charges. Any shipping overcharges of a dollar or more will be automatically refunded.

    I accept all credit cards through Pay Pal. You do not need a pay pal account to pay with any credit card. I also accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover by telephone 814-329-0046. Please call between 9 AM and 8 PM Eastern time.

    Thank you for supporting handmade.

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